I knew L.L.Bean has bunch of the Real Tree Camo items for Hunting, and I am not that big fun of the camo because I would look like a red neck who loves to shoot animals... lol However they got some cool camo items. The one I like most is the Wool pants. it is so fresh! They have Camo Wool Jacket as well.
Tote Bags seems be really useful. The moccasins look nice and it doesn't bother me in Camo patterns. I have seen few knifes and tools in Camo on their site although I don't know if it's good idea. You will have very hard time finding it if you drop it at the site. I think Buck Omni Knife with neon orange on works better for the reason, you can not loose it that easy. lol And Yes! Gillie suit! I just would love to have a pair just because... I know, I know, It doesn't have any use if you are not a hunter or sniper...

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